Supporters pledge $6M to reinstate UAB football

– 05.08.15



A Silver Lining: A Good Thing Emerges From The UAB Football Controversy: Reader Opinion

– 04.02.15



If UA Board Of Trustees Is Family, Protective Life Is A Big Brother

– 03.30.15



UAB National Alumni Society Leaders Call For Ray Watts To Resign Immediately

– 03.23.15



Rep Calls For UAB President To Go

– 03.23.15



 Death Of UAB Football: PR Documents Show Plans Were In Place To End Sport

– 03.23.15



Documents Suggest UAB Decided To Kill Football Before The 2014 Season Began

- 03.23.2015



Memo shows UAB President Ray Watts' rehab after killing football requires work, money

– 02.27.2015



Homewood Passes Resolution Urging UAB To Reconsider Program-Ending Decision

– 02.25.2015



Bessemer City Council Urges Ray Watts And The UA Trustees To Bring Back UAB Football

– 02.20.2015



After U.A.B. Program’s Death, Outcry Raises the Possibility of a Quick Resurrection

– 02.08.2015



Bill Clark rated No. 2 among first-year coaches by Athlon Sports

– 02.06.15



Still not convinced: UAB faculty, students remain distrustful of UA trustees, President Ray Watts

– 02.06.2015



Watts speaks, crowd yells back

– 02.06.2015



To set UAB free, let Brian Mackin and others tell the truth about the UAB-UA board relationship

– 02.05.2015



UAB task force to supporters: Anger about football 'has got to go,' focus on review instead

– 02.04.2015



Guest column: UAB needs its own board – and business leaders should help make it happen

– 02.04.2015



Bell: UAB, Birmingham would benefit from separate board

– 02.02.2015



Former UAB DB Jordan Petty 'lost the desire to play football,' will continue studies at school

– 01.24.2015



Will UAB athletics task force interview donors? What numbers will their review include?

– 01.23.2015



Task force members see hope for UAB football's return: 'Now we have a chance'

– 01.22.2015



Could UAB boosters bring football back? Committee will do the financial math

– 01.21.2015



UAB faculty senate passes vote of no confidence in President Ray Watts

– 01.15.2015



Jerod Haase gets 2-year extension

– 01.12.2015